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Paddlefish Catch Update

Date:   5/2/2017     Caught Today:   144     Caught to Date:   144

It was a busy first day of paddlefish season! North Dakota Game & Fish cleaned a total of 144 fish. Weather was cool, but refreshing.

Date:   5/3/2017     Caught Today:   111     Caught to Date:   255

North Dakota Game and Fish cleaned 111 fish on its second day of Catch and Keep, bringing the total to 255 paddlefish caught. Anglers are bringing fish from most of the popular snagging locations such as the Pumphouse, Ryder Point, Sundheim Park, and the state line. With weather projecting to be in the low 80's this weekend, North Dakota Game and Fish is expecting lots of activity and lots of anglers for the first weekend of season.

Date:   5/5/2017     Caught Today:   300     Caught to Date:   555

Friday was a beautiful day with weather in the high 80s. 300 fish were processed, 168 males and 132 female.

Date:   5/6/2017     Caught Today:   271     Caught to Date:   826

It was a bit breezy, but a high of 87. 271 total fish were caught on the last day of Catch and Keep.

Total Fish Caught This Season: 826