North Star Caviar
Paddlefish Catch Update

Date:   5/1/2018     Caught Today:   86     Caught to Date:   86

We had a great 1st day of the 2018 Season! Started off with a bit of overcast but warmed up throughout the day! 86 fish were caught. The first fish of the season came in about 7:40am weighing 37lbs and was caught at the confluence center. The largest fish of the day was 105lbs. Fish were caught at the Confluence, Sundheim Park, and the Pump House.

Date:   5/2/2018     Caught Today:   43     Caught to Date:   129

Fishing was slow but steady. Largest fish weighed at the cleaning station was 103 lb.
YTD total at the cleaning station 129 fish.

Date:   5/4/2018     Caught Today:   93     Caught to Date:   222

With the higher water levels the snagging has been a bit slower but fisherman are still successful. 93 were cleaned at the Cleaning Station today!

Date:   5/5/2018     Caught Today:   90     Caught to Date:   312

Wow! What a beautiful weekend for Paddle fishing! Largest fish of the season so far came in today at 106 pounds!

Date:   5/8/2018     Caught Today:   40     Caught to Date:   352

5/8 fish total: 40 caught
352 for the season so far.
Largest fish (2) through the North Star Caviar cleaning station still106 pounds.

Date:   5/9/2018     Caught Today:   18     Caught to Date:   370

18 fish for a season total of 370 cleaned at the processing center year to date. 38 pounds of caviar produced today. A new "largest fish" for the 2018 season was caught today, at 120 pounds.

Date:   5/11/2018     Caught Today:   20     Caught to Date:   390

5/11: 20 fish processed at the cleaning station.

Date:   5/12/2018     Caught Today:   52     Caught to Date:   442

5/12: 52 paddlefish processed at the cleaning station. Season total to-date is 442.

Date:   5/15/2018     Caught Today:   6     Caught to Date:   448

5/15: 6 paddlefish processed at the cleaning station. Season total to-date is 448. Water is rising.

Date:   5/16/2018     Caught Today:   15     Caught to Date:   463

With the season coming to a close on Monday, May 21! Your last harvest days will be Friday and Saturday.

Date:   5/18/2018     Caught Today:   8     Caught to Date:   471

Beautiful day for fishing! Tomorrow will be the last day for catch and keep!

Date:   5/19/2018     Caught Today:   24     Caught to Date:   495

Sunday and Monday will be the last days of Catch and Release and Season will close at the end of day Monday!

Total Fish Caught This Season: 495