North Star Caviar
Paddlefish Catch Update

Date:   5/1/2021     Caught Today:   233     Caught to Date:   233

It was a beautiful opening day for the 2021 Paddlefish Season. 233 Fish were processed at the cleaning station, with the biggest fish being 101 pounds.
The water levels are low, Today the majority of the fish came from the Confluence area and Ryders Point. This year we are offering a Fish Shuttle from the Pump house and Sundheim park to the cleaning station, call 701-609-6259 for service. Sunday, Monday, Thursday are Catch and Release Days. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are Harvest Days. Season is open from 7am to 7pm!

Date:   5/4/2021     Caught Today:   144     Caught to Date:   377

Second Catch and Keep Day of the season! Another great day out at the Confluence. We had 144 fish and the biggest fish of the season is 104 lbs. Majority are still coming in from the Confluence and Ryders Point but a few more came in from the Pump House today. We do have the fish shuttle running to the confluence from the Pump House and Sundhiem Park during season hours. Call 701-609-6259 for service. Happy Snagging!

Date:   5/5/2021     Caught Today:   75     Caught to Date:   452

Day 3 was cool and breezy and a much slower place, which is typical for a midweek catch and keep day.

The new season total after three catch and keep days is 452 fish through the processing center.

Date:   5/7/2021     Caught Today:   265     Caught to Date:   717

Friday was busy. With the water rising, Sundheim Park turned into a hotspot and was producing fish all day. 265 fish were processed at the North Star Caviar station yesterday, bringing the season total to 717.

With much cooler conditions today, we expect fewer people fishing and the pace of fish coming in to the station to be more moderate. We also expect it to much easier to keep the fish cooler, so North Star does not plan to run a truck shuttle today.

If you haven’t caught your fish yet, come on out! This could be the day.

Total Fish Caught This Season: 717