North Star Caviar
Paddlefish Catch Update

Date:   5/2/2023     Caught Today:   117     Caught to Date:   117

We had a lot of action from the Confluence area today, and some from further east. We have had a lot of males, but the females brought in have been nice sized and good quality. Thank you for bringing your fish in as soon as you catch it! Good luck to everyone for the second day of harvest tomorrow.
Largest fish we saw today was 109.3lb.

Date:   5/3/2023     Caught Today:   84     Caught to Date:   201

Today was slower than yesterday but we cleaned some nice fish! Most are still coming in from the confluence area. Tomorrow is a catch and release day. We anticipate a busy Friday and Saturday! Good luck everyone.

Date:   5/5/2023     Caught Today:   191     Caught to Date:   392

Pace was steady all day, with males outpacing females 4 to 1. We saw a lot of great fish today. Thank you for bringing them to the caviar station as soon as you get them to shore. Total to date is 392.

Date:   5/6/2023     Caught Today:   152     Caught to Date:   544

Male to female ratio was almost even today. We saw quite a few big mature 80# and over female fish but the smaller males are good eating too! We will take some time over the next two catch and release days to restock the North Star Caviar station, get some minor maintenance things taken care of and get ready for two more harvest days this upcoming Tuesday and Wednesday.

Date:   5/9/2023     Caught Today:   36     Caught to Date:   580

The fish are here but the sportsmen & women are not- but that is to be expected midweek on the second week of season. Male to female ratio was 3 to 1 today, and we are seeing more fish from all over now as opposed to just the confluence area.

Date:   5/10/2023     Caught Today:   19     Caught to Date:   599

Slow day on the river! We saw some nice fish. We are looking forward to a great weekend. Have a great catch-and-release day tomorrow and come snag your big one this Friday/Saturday.

Date:   5/12/2023     Caught Today:   37     Caught to Date:   636

Slow day! Good female to male ratio.

Date:   5/13/2023     Caught Today:   30     Caught to Date:   666

The fish are here! Come out and try your luck.

Date:   5/16/2023     Caught Today:   11     Caught to Date:   677

Still seeing some nice females coming in.

Date:   5/17/2023     Caught Today:   7     Caught to Date:   684

Very windy in the morning with a lot of smoke in the air. Tough fishing conditions but some beautiful fish coming in. 6 were very nice females. Come out and snag your big one this weekend!

Date:   5/19/2023     Caught Today:   11     Caught to Date:   695

We are finally getting some decent weather out here on the water but much of our sport fishing participants count on a fast season and don't return for week 3. This is a great opportunity to get out and have more room to cast and try different spots without having to work around parked trucks and campers. We hope you find your big one!

Date:   5/20/2023     Caught Today:   23     Caught to Date:   718

Today was beautiful weather and a predominantly female harvest day. We saw some great fish! Thanks for participating in the ongoing paddlefish research at the North Star Caviar station again this year.

Total Fish Caught This Season: 718