North Star Caviar

North Star Caviar has retail product for sale at the Missouri-Yellowstone River confluence cleaning station during paddlefish season while supplies last!

About Our Caviar
The quality of our caviar is as important as the source it comes from. Our premium gourmet malossol paddlefish caviar is mild with tender olive to steel gray berries, lightly salted, all natural, and contains no added preservatives.

Surprised about caviar originating from the land locked center of North America? Our exquisite domestic caviar hails from the historic and cold waters of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers of legendary North Dakota. Connoisseurs tell us our pristine cold waters produce a caviar that is "truly aftertaste."

The prehistoric paddlefish, from which we derive our paddlefish caviar, still thrives today in the protected waters of the scenic area Lewis and Clark penned "open and beautifully diversified." Travelers from near and far continue to marvel at the wonders of nature within our reach.

You may place an order by calling 701-774-9041 or emailing Major credit cards accepted and overnight shipping required. Your purchase of North Star Caviar caters to your desire for excellent freshwater caviar and environmentally responsible alternatives.
Our Caviar
North American Paddlefish Caviar - From the cold northern waters of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers