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2020 Paddlefish Snagging Harvest Season Canceled

Due to Covid-19 the 2020 Paddlefish Harvest Snagging Season has been canceled. North Star Caviar will not be operating any of our services of the Cleaning Station or Boat Shuttle this Season.
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Paddlefish Catch Update
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Date:   5/1/2019     Caught Today:   121     Caught to Date:   121

Day 1 of the 2019 Season was a success! 121 fish were processed at the cleaning station today! The first fish was at the cleaning station by 7:30am and it was a steady flow of fish the rest of the day! The largest fish of the day was 12l.1 pounds.

Date:   5/3/2019     Caught Today:   205     Caught to Date:   326

Day 2 of the 2019 Paddlefish season there were 205 fish processed at the cleaning station. Total for the season so far is at 326.

Date:   5/4/2019     Caught Today:   149     Caught to Date:   475

Day 3 the Cleaning Station processed 149 fish today, bringing the season total to 475. We hope to see you all out snagging fish, Tuesday and Wednesday will be our next harvest - Catch and Keep days!

Date:   5/7/2019     Caught Today:   102     Caught to Date:   577

Another steady day at the cleaning station. 102 fish were processed bringing our season total to 577.

Date:   5/8/2019     Caught Today:   56     Caught to Date:   633

Day 5 56 Fish were brought to the cleaning station today, bringing the season total to 633. Next Harvest days will be Friday and Saturday. Be sure to get out fishing this weekend. Friday and Saturday will be the last harvest days of the 2019 season. The season will close at the end of the day (7pm) on Saturday, May 11th - you will be able to catch and release for 4 days. Please see North Dakota Game and Fish Press Release for more information.

Total Fish Caught This Season: 633
North American Paddlefish Caviar - From the cold northern waters of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers