North Star Caviar

North Star Caviar has retail product for sale at the Missouri-Yellowstone River confluence cleaning station during paddlefish season while supplies last!

Paddlefish Catch Update
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Date:   5/1/2024     Caught Today:   168     Caught to Date:   168

Plenty of great looking females, with a higher (almost 1 to 1) ratio of females to males.

Date:   5/3/2024     Caught Today:   178     Caught to Date:   346

Another female heavy day today, and a late night for the cleaning room and processing crew!

At least 50% of the fish coming in are nice sized females.

Date:   5/4/2024     Caught Today:   123     Caught to Date:   469

The weather was great and we were expecting a very busy day, but traffic at the North Star Caviar cleaning station slowed down by midday. Despite lower than expected numbers, over half the fish turned in were good sized females.

There are still fish to be caught! See you next week.

Date:   5/7/2024     Caught Today:   42     Caught to Date:   511

Slow but steady!

Date:   5/8/2024     Caught Today:   40     Caught to Date:   551

Still cleaning mostly big mature females at the North Star station.

Date:   5/10/2024     Caught Today:   100     Caught to Date:   651

Feels good to finally have some nice fishing weather!

Date:   5/11/2024     Caught Today:   75     Caught to Date:   726

The nice weather continues! We have a feeling we may be getting close to the end for this year. Stay tuned to the ND Game & Fish website and Facebook page for any early closure announcements.

Date:   5/14/2024     Caught Today:   28     Caught to Date:   754

We are back to cooler weather. If you haven't caught your river monster yet, take tomorrow off! 5/15 is the last harvest day of the year, as per ND Game & Fish.

Total Fish Caught This Season: 754
North American Paddlefish Caviar - From the cold northern waters of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers